Since went down and never came back 😔 I decided to play around with all the ProcessWire Recipes and moved it over to a fresh new instance of 11ty running on Cloudflare Pages from within a public Github Directory.

Recent changes

See more updates in our changelog.

Update: 2023-03-05

We now have full access to the old/former Github account and repository. In the near future there will be a slight change in submitting new recipes and changes.

Update: 2023-03-11 is our new home now.

While this is already awesome we will soon switch back to the old official Github repo but with a new markdown format for upcoming recipes and updates.

See: Forum announcement and Changelog

ProcessWire Recipes Legacy (Github)

This project is based on the great work done Marcus. As his project went offline some time ago I put it online again - in a different but similar way.

ProcessWire Recipes 2023 (Github)

The new repository (based on the legacy version) can be found here.

Some day in the future additional recipes will be added from my personal collection.

Site details

  • This site went online on 2023-02-25
  • This site uses 11ty to render .md files into .html
  • This site is hosted on Cloudflare Pages

Issues? Problems? Questions?

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  • Fork the repository, add your recipes or changes, send a pull request

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